As I was kayaking this weekend I tried to study the ebb and flow of the water and ways to most efficiently navigate. I was mostly successful but a few times got stuck and struggled to avoid the rocks. It didn’t ruin the overall experience of the day. The struggles taught me a few lessons and I gained new skills. Most of all I enjoyed myself and was proud of the accomplishment.

Facilitating a community is similar to my kayaking experience. Community Managers must watch the ebb and flow of conversations, when the community is stuck (struggle to share or one sided conversations) they must find ways to let the conversation flow.

What do the rocks resemble? Well, they can be a metaphor for trolls or issues that come up. Just like navigating a kayak sometimes you can’t avoid the rocks. You have to deal with it head on. The more you practice the better you get and in the end a better community for all.

Most importantly out of the conversation there are lessons to be learned and shared with others. That is what makes a successful community.

What do you think?

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