This weekend the power of social media is stronger than ever. I wrote the paragraph below over 3 years ago and it continues to hold true.

“Social Media empowers us to engage and connect with people from across the world and in our neighborhoods. It keeps us connected to family and opens our eyes to the oppressed and injustice, inspiring us to demand change. It provides businesses a way to engage customers building relationships and improving products or services.”

For over a year my feed is full of political posts. But, this weekend I’ve never seen anything like it. The Women March on Washington is trending on Twitter and Facebook showing President Trump that his Twitter rage is not a one-way street.

Let’s hope the public and politicians can embrace a few points of advice I share with business partners.

“Institutions who fully embrace social media must have thick skin and use social media to promote their point of view in an inclusive way. They need to listen and learn more than talk.”

If your organization or business questions the value of social media as a business tool, I hope these past two days enlighten you. Feel free to contact me if you would like to explore opportunities on leveraging social media for your business.

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