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Kayaking and Community Management

shutterstock_146178749As I was kayaking this weekend I tried to study the ebb and flow of the water and ways to most efficiently navigate. I was mostly successful but a few times got stuck and struggled to avoid the rocks. It didn’t ruin the overall experience of the day. The struggles taught me a few lessons and I gained new skills. Most of all I enjoyed myself and was proud of the accomplishment.

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5 ways your community can be more engaging and still keep your sanity!

Community Manager Appreciation Day is here again but I don’t think most people outside the social media realm even know about it. Community Managers are the unsung heroes working behind the scenes to nurture and grow the community. It’s a tough job that many underestimate the skills and time required.  In a single day you can go from feeling energized to worn down and lonely. But it’s worth it. That’s why whenever two Community Managers get together there’s an instant connection. They know what it takes and the rewards to be gained from such a role.

Here’s 5 ways you can help your community be more engaging and still keep your sanity!

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Tips for building an online community

Online_community_building_increase_users_number_id33722921_size480Photo Credit: IreneK

FeverBee is a great organization of experts exploring the psychology of online communities. I subscribe to their newsletter because it’s a great way to learn about developing, building and growing an online community. Their first post of the new year offered tips to build a successful online community.  

The one that hit home for me was #3 – start out small.

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Social Business is not about technology!

The word “social business” is thrown around almost as much as the catch phrase “The Cloud”.  But what makes me want to stab pencils through my ears (so I don’t have to listen to  the rest of the conversation) is when the social business conversation focuses on technology or just social tools like Facebook.

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Is Middle Management the Enemy of Social Business?

A recent article asked this question and highlighted middle managements struggle to embrace social tools within their organizations. Traditionally one of managements role was to filter information, but the rise of social tools is leading to two way communication. Everyone has an unfiltered voice to the organization. I believe managers play a vital role in getting an organization to use social tools productively.  Let’s explore how managers can embrace and find value using these tools.

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James LaCorte‘s insight:

Best ebook on presentations I have ever seen.

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Social Business: The Evolution to a Media Company

See on Scoop.itEnterprise Social Media

The evolution to a media company requires a social business and content strategy.

James LaCorte‘s insight:

This is one of the best presentations to use as a case for making your company think like a media company.

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This is Your Real Social Business Strategy Challenge

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Social business requires more focus on strategy, business and the bigger reality of social business. The challenge to solve.

James LaCorte‘s insight:

This is a great follow up to the recent Altimeter Group and the MIT Sloan Management Review reports. Ties them together well and provides practical advice.

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Building a Social Business is an Inside Job – Get Satisfaction Blog

See on Scoop.itEnterprise Social Media

HootSuite CEO, Ryan Holmes, pointed out an interesting phenomenon recently—the Social Media Manager title is on the decline, slowing to 50% in the past year (down from the triple and even quadruple growth of years …

James LaCorte‘s insight:

Nice infographic about how employees are better at spreading your msg. than a formal company social channel. #SocBiz

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